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Call Us Today!
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Pest Services

Termite Control
We have treated thousands of structures since this company was started in the early 1950s. We treat all types of buildings for termites and offer a yearly maintenance program for continued control. We give free estimates and offer flexible terms.

We also offer one-time pest control treatments on an as-needed basis, quarterly perimeter pest management programs and many other maintenance options.

Fulcher's Perimeter Pest Management Program
This program offers you, the customer, a simple way to control many of the pests you have before they ever become a problem indoors.

This service is a perimeter treatment (outside only) of your home (structure). This service is set up on a quarterly schedule (four times per year) and conducted automatically during its scheduled period. If you do need additional treatments done on the interior of the home, you can call or email us for one of our add-on services at the time of the perimeter treatment. This service has benefits in several ways.

With up to 90 percent of indoor pests coming from the outdoors, it is the most economical way to reduce the number of pests at your home. Scheduling is simple; no one has to be at home.

This service potentially stops pests before they ever enter your home.


Fulcher's fleet services
    1. Interior Treatment For Pests in General
    2. Pests in Crawlspaces
    3. Termite Treatment and Yearly Service Agreements
    4. Mice Control
    5. Flea Treatment
    6. Roaches
    7. Powder Post Beetles
    8. Clearance Letters
    9. Vapor Barrier (plastic)
    10. Wood Bees
    11. Pantry Pests
    12. And More

    These services can be scheduled at any time or added to the perimeter service whenever needed. If an add-on service is needed at the time of the perimeter treatment, please notify us by phone or email prior to the month your treatment is scheduled.

    Call Today To Start Your Service. Free Termite Estimates Are Available.

      Other Services

      vapor barrier services

      Floor Repair
      During such times when we must perform more invasive treatments for proper pest control, we will provide minor floor repair to any sections that have been disturbed. Our goal is to save your home from excessive damage caused by pests. We want to leave your home in even better shape than before we arrived.

      General Inspections
      While we are performing our regular treatments in your home or business, we will also provide general inspections on the environment. In the event that we see another issue that you may not be aware of, we will bring it to your attention. This could be as simple as seeing a leaking pipe or a discoloration in a base board.

      For more information on these services, we invite you to contact us today. Our team of professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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